Banking Options

Several banking options are available near UCI. Most will require two forms of identification and a local mailing address in order for you to open an account (foreign IDs are usually not accepted).

  • Bank of America: Branch at Newport Beach. ATM on campus.
  • Chase Bank: Branch at Campus Plaza. ATM on campus.
  • Citibank: Fee-free¬†international transfers if you have a Citibank account in a foreign¬†country. Branch at Newport Beach.
  • Schools First Federal Credit Union: ¬†Branch and ATM on campus.
  • Wells Fargo: Branch and ATM on campus.
  • US Bank. Branch at Newport Beach.

Schools First Summer Saver Account

The Summer Saver account is a high interest rate savings account for staff members. Note that you are required to have a US government issued ID to apply (foreign passport is not accepted).

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are available at most of the major financial institutions. If you wish to obtain one, a credit check will be preformed. For those with poor or no credit history, you can obtain a secured credit card. Most banks offer these.