The Postdoctoral Scholar FOCUS seminar series is a unique opportunity where postdoctoral scholars choose the format of the discussion, and then discuss their research with colleagues from a range of disciplines. This series is:

  • Flexible: Postdocs determines the type of discussion or presentation.
  • Open: Non-hierarchical; creative discussions and feedback are encouraged.
  • Cross-discipline: While research is becoming increasingly specialized, having interdisciplinary discussions opens up new avenues of thought.
  • Uplifting: Colleagues support each other and depart with innovative ideas.
  • Strategic: These sessions help all participants better strategize next steps, whether in research or presentation methods.


  1. The presenter must bring at least one person to support the discussion. There are no stipulations who that person must be; they can be from the same research group, a lab down the hall, or from a different department or school.
  2. All discussions are confidential and not recorded, unless desired by the presenter.

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