Andrew Marshall

February 9, 2017

Meet Dr. Andrew Marshall, a postdoc working with Dr. Sean Ostlund in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Care.

Andrew’s research interest is in the psychological and neurobiological correlates of decision-making. He is trying to find out how cues from the environment can result in individuals’ making decisions they may not normally make. Decision-making is a fundamental cognitive phenomenon across all species, and if we gather a better understanding of what drives individual differences in decision-making, then it should provide an incredible insight to why we all behave the way we do.

Andrew recently presented his work at the 2016 UCI Research Symposium with a poster presentation. He won the SEAB Basic Behavior Analysis Dissertation Award for his Ph.D. work at Kansas State University. Andrew is currently on the Career and Professional Development Team of the PDA Board, where he has co-organized the Strategies for Success in Academia: A Three Part Series.



Lisa Olshansky

January 19, 2017

Dr. Lisa Olshansky is an American Chemistry Society Irving S. Sigal Postdoctoral fellow. She works with Prof. Andrew Borovik in the Department of Chemistry. Lisa is constructing multinuclear artificial metalloproteins in which a synthetic metallocofactor is inserted into a protein host, which can be further modified through mutagenesis. With this, the effects of secondary sphere interactions on modulating the molecular and electronic structures of multinuclear metal complexes are explored. These artificial active sites mimic important natural metalloenzymes such as that responsible for driving oxygenic photosynthesis.

Lisa received her Ph.D. from MIT, where she focused on understanding the kinetics and dynamics driving long-range proton-coupled electron transfer in ribonucleotide reductase.


Phu Nguyen

January 11, 2017

Dr. Phu Nguyen is a recently appointed Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He worked as a postdoc at UCI with Distinguished Prof. Soroosh Sorooshian.

Phu’s research focuses on flood modeling and forecasting, and the development of various global precipitation products observed by satellites including: event-based large scale rainfall systems using bject-oriented approaches (CONNECT); integrated system for satellite precipitation and information (RainSphere); real-time high-resolution satellite and crowdsourced rainfall observations for hydrologic and natural disaster management applications (iRain); and an on-demand data processing system for CHRS’s satellite precipitation products (DataPortal). In particular, Phu’s iRain app was selected and launched at the United Nations 22nd Conference of the Parties.

Phu recently presented his work at the 2016 UCI Research Symposium with both an oral presentation and a poster presentation. He is the current President of the Association of Vietnamese Students and Professionals in the United States (AVSPUS).

Phu’s Website


Sarah Aarons

December 7, 2016

Dr. Sarah Aarons works with Asst. Prof. Kathleen Johnson and Prof. Eric Saltzman in the Department of Earth System Science. Her research is in ice core chemistry, where she measures organic and inorganic chemicals in ice cores to reconstruct biomass burning in the Northern Canadian Arctic. This is important to constrain how the rates of forest fires in high latitudes will change with increasing temperatures resulting from climate change.

Sarah received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, where she worked on reconstructing natural and human-induced changes in the dust cycle in the ice core record. She is a current UCI Chancellor’s ADVANCE Postdoctoral Fellow, and has received a Lighting the Pathway to Faculty Careers for Natives in STEM scholarship. Sarah has had the opportunity to travel to Antarctica twice for field work.


George Stiubianu

November 16, 2016

Dr. George Stiubianu works with Prof. Alon Gorodetsky in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. He is interested in producing dynamic materials that control infrared radiation. The aim of this is to develop clothing that can regulate the temperature of the wearer, which can have applications in everyday clothing and in camouflage.

George received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry “Petru Poni” Iasi, Romania, where he looked at the preparation of new materials using reactions such as dehydrocoupling and allylation by bringing together synthetic silicon-based polymers (silicones) and derivatives of natural polymers. George shared second place for his presentation at the 2016 UCI Postdoc Research Symposium. He also won the “Audience’s Choice” award.