Phillip Tran

Dr. Phillip Tran (Department of Otolaryngology) investigates non-invasive methods for the treatment of neurological disorders. He works with Dr. Fan-Gang Zeng in the UCI Center for Hearing Research on transcranial electric stimulation of deep structures within the head. Phillip is

Sandra Harvey

Dr. Sandra Harvey researches the production of race and gender through surveillance technologies originating in colonialism and chattel slavery. She has been awarded as a 2017-18 UCI Chancellor’s Advance Postdoctoral Fellow in Criminology, Law and Society. Her book manuscript, Passing

Aude Segaliny

Dr. Aude Segaliny works with A. Prof Weian Zhao in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She uses emerging bioengineered technologies, stem cell based therapy, and immunotherapy to address unmet needs for cancer treatment. Specifically, she is developing a stem cell