Dr. Phillip Tran (Department of Otolaryngology) investigates non-invasive methods for the treatment of neurological disorders. He works with Dr. Fan-Gang Zeng in the UCI Center for Hearing Research on transcranial electric stimulation of deep structures within the head. Phillip is developing a computational model to optimize the stimulation parameters to target the auditory nerve and cortex to suppress tinnitus. He is also working with surgeons to evaluate at the effectiveness of using novel electrode designs and placement.

Phillip received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Sydney where he developed a finite element model of the human head to study the current conduction pathways resulting from cochlear implant stimulation. Phillip is an active board member of the UCI Postdoctoral Scholar Association, recently updating the PDA website and adding valuable information for incoming postdocs about living in Irvine. He also contributes his graphic design skills to creating PDA materials.

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Phillip Tran