We know that writing manuscripts can be challenging. The Weekly Postdoc Writing Editing and Review (PoWER) group is an accountability writing group for postdocs to keep up with their writing needs. We invite anyone to come and write with others who need that extra push to keep them on the ball with writing tasks. Postdocs could bring writing such as proposals, papers, idea brainstorming, applications and other such material. The group aims to create:

  • an environment of self and group accountability so postdocs meet deadlines with a polished product
  • a forum organized to the postdocs’ schedule and writing timelines, supporting a healthy writing routine
  • a place where postdocs write and review in a quiet and productive atmosphere
  • an opportunity where postdocs obtain feedback early in the writing process and see how others write.

Where and When?

Tuesday PoWER Group: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, BioSci III, Rm 3011

Friday PoWER Group: 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM, BioSci III, Rm 1120

Interested in Joining?


Mary Frances Ypma-Wong will then contact you.

Questions? Contact Mary Frances Ypma-Wong (m.ypmawong@uci.edu).

PoWER Group