Dr. Aude Segaliny works with A. Prof Weian Zhao in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She uses emerging bioengineered technologies, stem cell based therapy, and immunotherapy to address unmet needs for cancer treatment. Specifically, she is developing a stem cell based therapy to target and treat breast cancer bone metastases. Her goal is to improve current therapies by making them more specific, and therefore less toxic for the patient. Aude is also developing a microfluidic-based platform for high-throughput screen in immunotherapy.

Aude received a postdoctoral fellowship from the French association “Fondation ARC pour la recherche sur le cancer”. Her Ph.D., from the University of Nantes in France, focused on understanding the biology of interleukin-34, a cytokine, and its role in the pathogenesis of osteosarcoma.

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Aude Segaliny