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2:00 Check-in
2:30 Opening Remarks and Speaker Sessions
4:15 Poster Sessions
5:15 Dinner & Networking
6:15 Keynote Address
6:45 Awards and Closing Remarks



The Role of Microglia in Brain Rewiring by Early-Life Adversity
Jessica L. Bolton, PhD
Pediatrics; Anatomy and Neurobiology
PI: Tallie Z. Baram, MD, PhD

Dark Matter and the Dance of Dwarf Galaxies
Marcel S. Pawlowski, PhD
Physics and Astronomy, Hubble Fellow
Host: James Bullock, PhD

A New Mouse Model to Explore Cellular Mechanisms of Human Epilepsy
Antara Das, PhD
Developmental and Cell Biology
PI: Diane O’Dowd, PhD

Does an anatomical latch amplify power during a frog jump?
Benjamin Perlman, PhD
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
PI: Emanuel Azizi, PhD

Exploring the Neural Basis of Visual Deficits in a Mouse Model of Amblyopia
Carey Y. L. Huh, PhD
Neurobiology and Behavior
PI: Sunil Gandhi, PhD

Reconciling Smartness and Privacy in the Internet of Things
Roberto Yus Peirote, PhD
Computer Science
PI: Sharad Mehrotra, PhD

Epigenetic implications on functionality of extracellular signaling of choroid plexus in rats treated to nicotine self-administration.
Valeria Lallai, MD, PhD
Neurobiology and Behavior
PI: Christie Fowler, PhD

Shining New Light on Pathogens in Nursing Homes
Zachary Reinert, PhD
PI: Jennifer Prescher, PhD

A Ticker-tape Locus to Record Cell Lineage
Theresa Loveless, PhD
Biomedical Engineering
PI: Chang Liu, PhD

Poster Presentations


Molecular Analyses of Cue-Motivated Behaviors in Pavlovian-to-Instrumental Transfer
Andrew Marshall, PhD
Anesthesiology and Perioperative Care
PI: Sean Ostlund, PhD

EMT-inducing transcription factor Zeb1 regulates mammary basal stem cell fates
Yingying Han, PhD
Biological Chemistry
PI: Xing Dai, PhD

The Role of TCF7L1 in Pluripotent Stem Cells
Linh Vuong, PhD
Biological Chemistry and Cell Biology
PI: Peter J. Donovan, PhD

High-Efficiency Single Cell Encapsulation and Size Selective Sorting of Cells in Pico-Liter Droplets
Gopakumar Kamalakshakurup, PhD
Biomedical Engineering
PI: Dr. Abraham P. Lee

Adhesive Regulation of Human Monocyte/Macrophages by the Provisional Extracellular Matrix
Vijaykumar Meli, PhD,
Biomedical Engineering
PI: Wendy Liu, PhD

Molecular diffusion maps in live cells: a connectivity view
Leonel Malacrida, PhD
Biomedical Engineering
PI: Enrico Gratton, PhD

Axonal communication between adjacent hippocampal sub-regions via micro-tunnels to determine directionality of feed-forward spike propagation
Daniele Poli, PhD
Biomedical Engineering
PI: Gregory J. Brewer, PhD

Single Molecule Switches
Zhijing Feng, PhD,
Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences
PI: Alon Gorodetsky, PhD

Bioinspired Monooxygenase Mimics: Towards the Design of Functional High Valent Metal-oxo Intermediates
Justin Bogart, PhD
PI: A.S. Borovik, PhD

Understanding Electrostatic Effect on Redox Properties Fe and Mn Complexes toward Small Molecule Catalysis
Annie Teera Chantarojsiri, PhD
PI: Jenny Y. Yang, PhD

Getting to the source of bias in bloodstain pattern analysis: How analysts use and recognize their use of contextual case information.
Niki Osborne, PhD
Criminology, Law and Society
PI: William Thompson, PhD

Temperature sensitivity of microorganisms
Charlotte Alster, PhD
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
PI: Kathleen K. Treseder, PhD

Soil carbon: to keep it in the ground, grow an efficient microbiome
Ashish Malik, PhD
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
PI: Steven Allison, PhD

Impact of the Choice of Task-categorization Methods on the Observed Polarization Pattern
Giannina Vaccaro, PhD

Probing Magnetic Nanoprobe in Structured Light by a Subtle, Soft Touch
Jinwei Zeng, PhD
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
PIs: Kumar Wickramasinghe, PhD & Filippo Capolino, PhD

Defining an Integrated Signaling Network That Patterns the Craniofacial Skeleton
Lina Meinecke, PhD
PI: Qing Nie


Praveer Sharma, PhD
Developmental and Cell Biology
PI: Thomas Schilling

Persistent Enterovirus-B 5’ terminally deleted genome populations contribute to unexplained dilated cardiomyopathy
Alexis Bouin, PhD
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
PI: Bert Semler, PhD

Study of the Potential of a Bacteria Strain Isolated from Desert Soil at North of Chile in the Treatment of Arsenic Intoxication in Humans and Animals
Erwin Strahsburger, PhD
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
PI: Michael McClelland, PhD

Enriched Hydrogen Sulfide Biosynthesis via Selective CBS Upregulation is Associated with Endometrial Angiogenesis in Women
Thomas Lechuga, PhD
Obstetrics and Gynecology
PI: Dongbao Chen, PhD

Rescue of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Cybrid Cells Using a Mitochondrial Derived Peptide
Sonali Nashine, PhD,
PI: M. Cristina Kenney, MD, PhD

Use of sirtuin 1 (Sirt1) inhibition to block epileptogenesis following a brain insult
Alicia Hall, PhD
PI: Tallie Baram, PhD

Light-Activated Chemical Probing of Nucleobase Solvent Accessibility Inside Living Cells
Chao Feng, PhD
Pharmaceutical Sciences
PI: Robert Spitale, PhD

Electrochemical Polymerization of Nickel Phthalocyanine on a Glass Carbon Electrode and Its Surface Characterization
Elif Turker Acar, PhD
Physics and Astronomy Department
Host: Zuzanna Siwy, PhD

Cosmic Rays: The Most Energetic Particles In The Universe
Christian Glaser, PhD
Physics and Astronomy
PI: Steven Barwick, PhD

Huntington’s Disease in a Dish
Charlie Geater, PhD
Psychiatry & Human Behavior
PI: Leslie Thompson, PhD